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Classes offered at Rick's Dive 'N Travel Center

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Drift Diver  :  A class most commonly done in the ocean. Currents allow you to drift effortlessly along the dive site from beginning to end. There are certain procedures and techniques necessary to understand in regards to diving with currents.

Deep Diver  :  Learn procedures necessary to make deep dives safely, observe color loss, temperature changes, currents, and visibility of deep diving.

Night Diver  :  Diving at night offers opportunities to explore the underwater night life. See how some fish sleep while others become active at night. Become familiar with primary lights, back-up lights, signaling your buddy, and navigation at night.

Oxygen Provider  :  Providing oxygen is one of the most critical and beneficial treatments in a diving related accident. Learn about safely handling the equipment, oxygen delivery methods and rendering the proper first aid treatment with oxygen.

Research Diver  :  This class teaches methods of gathering information about a particular dive area that applies to salt or fresh water. Learn how to lay out a grid pattern, map a site, study fish and their habitats, gather data for temperature and visibility, plant growth and general information of a particular area.

Knots for Divers  :  Learn how to tie the right knot at the right time. How to tie a few basic knots essential for safe lifting underwater, in addition to rigging dive flags, floats, anchors and associated lines on boats and docks.

Underwater Hunter  :  Learn the differences in spear guns and pole spears, types of spear tips and stringers. Also learn about fish habitats, slot limits, game and fish regulations, spear gun safety and buddy procedures.

Underwater Navigation  :  Perfect your navigation skills swimming multiple leg patterns, using different styles of compasses, estimating distances underwater, and utilizing a scuba sextant to find your way back to the starting point.

Search and Recovery  :  Become familiar with proper search patterns and techniques, ways to locate and secure an object, lifting devices, line tie offs, and additional safety concerns when lifting objects.

Underwater Gourmet  :  Teaches you how to select, clean, prepare and cook using simple fish recipes. Also teaches about which fish are on the watch list to not buy, due to overfishing, and which types are good to buy. And we eat what we cook.

Underwater Naturalist  :  The class objective is to study different fish and their habitats, corals, plant life, and bottom composition at different depths. Usually best done in an ocean environment which offers more diversity to interact.

Equipment Specialist  :  Examine and understand the importance of maintenance on regulators, computers and gauges, tanks, B.C.'s, wetsuits, and how to make minor adjustments and repairs.

Underwater Photography  :  Teaches how to properly shoot underwater photos in regards to composition, distance estimation, buoyancy control, strobe usage, along with the care and maintenance of cameras and housings.

Peak Performance Buoyancy  :  In this course, learn precision weighting, trim and streamlining so you use less air, ascend, descend or hover effortlessly, and glide smoothly through the water which gets you closer to aquatic life.

Wreck Diver  :  In this course, learn how to research wrecks, define the types of wrecks, use of reels and safety concerns in overhead environments. Also how to properly tie off lines in order to penetrate wrecks.

Enriched Air Diver  :  Learning to dive with enriched air nitrox lets you safely extend your bottom time by replacing some of the nitrogen in your breathing air with oxygen. Also learn how to obtain nitrox fills, computer use and analyzing nitrox.

Altitude Diver  :  Learn how to plan, organize and conduct proper altitude dives. Also learn the affect on barometric pressure, pressure depth relationships, depth conversion charts and safety concerns with altitude diving.

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