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Inside the Store

Since 1978, Rick's Dive 'N Travel Center has been the leading name for Scuba Diving in Arkansas and the South. With high quality products, customer service second to none and a facility that rivals the best in the industry, you just aren't going to find many dive stores like Ricks Dive 'N Travel Center. Our reputation was earned by the painstaking 'attention to detail' that goes into growing our business and taking care of our customers on a daily basis. We have employees with a tenure exceeding 25 years and our professional staff will go out of their way to make sure you have a positive experience with Rick's. If you are one of our valued customers, we sincerely say "THANKS", and for those of you who are considering learning to scuba dive, we invite you to visit us and allow one of our friendly staff members to show you what you're missing! We guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Rick's wants our customers to have a positive experience at Rick's Dive 'N Travel Center, including access to one of the largest and most current equipment selections in the region. The fact that Rick's was honored as one of the Top Ten Dive Centers in the U.S. by the Diving Manufacturers Association is substantiation of the quality of our dive center.

The truth about shopping for Scuba Equipment on the Net
and why you should consider buying your dive equipment from Rick's...

Here are some simple facts to consider:

The Internet sellers (probably not even a diver) may not even be located stateside and are selling dive equipment at its "basic worth," with little to no information, unassembled, in the box and not registered. Can you get a better price by ordering on the Internet? Maybe & maybe NOT. While the net may be a good source for gathering information, it's usually not good for providing service. Basically, they have no future or long term concerns about you period...WE DO! So it usually comes down to price or value.

"Cheap dive equipment is not usually good
and good dive equipment is not usually cheap"

Rick's Dive 'N Travel Center offers dive equipment with the following values added:

At Rick's Dive 'N Travel Center, you will be dealing with professional diving Instructors. You are able to see and try what you have selected. All the catalogs, sizing charts and web pages are no substitute for actually being properly fitted by one of our diving professionals. We assemble your diving system, configured to your specific needs and fit in our center and our indoor heated pool, at no extra charge. This will eliminate buying twice or having buyer's remorse! Trying before buying is paramount!
Rick's will make sure that you are fully aware of all the features and benefits of the equipment you have selected from us and that you are trained in the use of the functions and features at no extra charge.
All appropriate products that we offer include a full U.S. warranty, unlike many items purchased on the internet which surprisingly come from overseas. Rick's will also complete and register the warranty information for you and we are here to instantly resolve any warranty issues that may arise. Be aware, products are not covered by a national warranty when purchased from an unauthorized dealer and you will have no recourse.
Rick's guarantees that you will be happy with your newly selected equipment or we will exchange it for another piece of equipment to make you happy..... period!
We mail service reminders so that you don’t forget to keep your required maintenance up to date.
You are always welcome to come "take a dive" in our indoor heated pool to refresh your diving skills or get "reacquainted" with your equipment at no charge.
Don't forget, we will always be here for free, cheerful consultation on all the places and ways you can use your "new dive system". We want you to be a happy diver, and that means more than just selling you "gear"! Our dive boat departs virtually every weekend May through October and we offer several dive vacations each year to popular and exotic travel destinations around the world!

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