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Purchase your own dive gear

One of the first dilemmas you will face as a new diving student is whether or not you should buy your own diving equipment. The following information is designed to help guide you in making an informed and intelligent decision about owning your equipment. At Rick's Dive 'N Travel Center, we feel adamant about the importance of our students owning their own equipment because we know, "there's a difference".

Why Should I Buy My Scuba Equipment At Rick's ?

Comfort - Proper fit usually means you will be more comfortable underwater
Safety - You control the maintenance of your gear, which means it performs more reliably, and you don't have to worry about who has used and/or tampered with your equipment
Safety - You know exactly where the controls and backup systems are on every dive for more consistency
Convenience - You eliminate the reliance on rental availability & sizing
Price - You really will save money in the long run and can go diving whenever and wherever you want
Health - You know exactly who has used your equipment and when it was last serviced
Please don't loan your dive equipment to non certified divers, not only is this dangerous, but if someone is not certified, YOU may be the one held liable

Why you should Purchase your Equipment During the Training Course ?

Some students feel that they should wait to buy their equipment until after they finish their training. This may be a mistake for the following reasons:

Experience - When you buy your equipment during the course, you will actually get to use it during your pool and Open Water training
Confidence - You will get the most out of your training when you train in the equipment that you will actually use while diving after you become certified
Assistance - You have the entire class and Open Water dives with your instructor to help you learn how to use your equipment properly, rather than having to learn on your own after the course
Value - Combining the skills and familiarity with your own equipment will make you a better diver, without wasting money on rental fees
Safety - Obtained by the combination of familiarity with your equipment and comfort using the same equipment to perform the required skills during your training

Why Buy from a Professional Dive Center like Rick's Dive 'N Travel Center

SCUBA gear is specialized life support equipment and it is essential that you get the proper advice before making your decisions. We are the professionals and proper equipment is essential to your enjoyment of the recreation.

Price - With our student rebate incentive for mask, fins, snorkel, and boot purchases, along with our special package pricing for top quality equipment, we can assure you that you are making a good investment. Be sure to ask about our Lay-Away plans
Service - You are assured of a long-term reliable service department and equipment loaners if necessary. We have serviced the dive community for over three decades
Choice - We can supply you with a wide selection of quality equipment from most of the major manufacturers. More choices than anyone in Arkansas and most of the South
Fun - We offer you a large selection of diver services, from dive travel, advanced training, our 3-D dive club, to career planning.
Safety - You are training with one of the best dive operations in the country! We have thousands of satisfied customers and we know that you will be one too

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