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Rick's Service Center

Rick's Dive 'N Travel Center is a Factory Authorized Warranty Service Center for all the dive equipment manufacturers we represent. Our Repair Technicians are also manufacturer trained and authorized to service your dive equipment. Rick's criteria for servicing life support equipment are the highest standards in the diving industry. We use only manufacturer's recommended repair kits and parts for all service items. This results in "like new" performance and reliability after each service is completed. Rick's also warrants all new manufacturer's parts for one year and offers a 90-day guarantee on labor.

"We Provide our Customers with First Class Service"

We utilize the best and latest diagnostic system in the industry.
Our technicians maintain current manuals and attend regular manufacturer's workshops and updates.
We use modern Ultra Sonic cleaning and testing equipment, including an Integrated Depth and Computer Test Chamber.
Our "scuba air" is tested by an offsite professional facility on a quarterly basis to insure that it exceeds the requirements for CGA grade "E" breathing air.
Rick's air has always tested better than the IANTD specifications for Oxygen compatible air. After all, we use the same air you do!
Our service center is a clean and professional source of pride to us and has been since 1978.

Properly working equipment increases your enjoyment, safety, and bottom time.

Service requirements you should remember

VIP's..........  Cylinder visual inspections are mandatory and should be done yearly. Ricks utilizes the Visual Plus Inspection System which incorporates an eddy current test for potential detects and cylinder cracks that may not be invisible to the human eye
HYDRO..........  Required service every (5) five years by DOT standards
Regulator Service..........  Completed on an annual basis to maintain warranties
BCD Service..........  Service of your inflator, overpressure valves, straps, buckles and a comprehensive leak test
Computer Service..........  Battery replacement and gauge wet test
Nitrox Service..........  Designed to upgrade your equipment to be compatible or we can service your current Nitrox equipment
Wet & Dry Suit Service..........  Rick's Tech Department can repair most wet & dry suits
RUSH Service Available..........  We strive to have your equipment ready within 3 to 4 working days, (5-7 days during peak season) unless there is an unforeseen need to order a part. We offer "SAME DAY RUSH SERVICE" for an additional charge, or we can provide you with a "rental" if necessary.

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